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Delta Ninja is a sample for the Delta Engine project and was developed for the Delta Engine Monthly Contests of April and May 2013.

The goal of this project is to keep the game updated with the latest version of the engine, to enrich it of features and to port it on more platforms. The game still remains a simple demo: an experiment for the study of this fantastic Game Engine.

I've opened a dedicated Topic on the Delta Engine forum and submitted the game in the Projects Gallery.

The Delta Engine mission is to create the easiest way to write games and converting it with the press of a button to any platform. For more information see:

Game rules

The game is quite simple: you have to slice as many as possible Delta Engine logos.
  • You have to cut the logo from side to side. A stroke starts with a single mouse click and goes on for 1/10 of second following the mouse movement.
  • There are three logo categories: Big (1 point), Medium (2 points ) and Small (5 points and if you miss them they aren't counted as errors).
  • 10 points bonus for critical cuts at the bottom of the screen (if the logo is falling).


I planned these improvements:

- Improving unit tests
- Fixing and improving slicing
- Adding black logo (you know, like a bomb!)
- Adding super logo
- Adding combo points
- Adding Save and restore records
- Improving the code
- Adding some sound effects
- Improving slicing effect
- Handling window resizing





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